The fall 2013 results for Bloomberg’s prestigious financial aptitude test place UBC MBA students among the brightest and best in the world.

Three UBC MBA students at Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School aced the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT), scoring in the 99th percentile and making the hall of fame for North America. Marko Gasic, Alexey Kapkanschikov and Phil Wallace, all of whom completed the MBA program in December 2013 and will formally graduate in the spring of 2014, were named among the top five BAT performers in North America this fall.

The BAT is a global, standardized exam designed to assess aptitude for business and finance. The results are anonymously entered into a talent search database where more than 20,000 employers can access the results and offer internships or entry-level positions to test-takers.

International comparison

BAT infographic“The test was challenging, but it was a good chance to apply the knowledge that we learned in class,” says Gasic, who scored 680 out of 800 on the test and is now a Senior Consultant, Strategy and Operations at Deloitte. “It was interesting to see how our skills compared to others internationally.”

The comparison reflects very well on Sauder, which has been hosting regular BAT examinations since January of 2013 and was the only Canadian school to have more than one student represented in the top five in October. In total, 130,000 students from more than 1,000 universities in 63 countries have taken the BAT over the past three years.

Wallace scored 690 on the test, which assesses students in a variety of areas, including economics, financial market analysis, news analysis, global markets and banking investments. He now works as a Financial Analyst at Teck Resources and says the BAT was a valuable opportunity to demonstrate his business acumen to prospective employers, particularly since he did not have previous experience in a financial role.

Reputation for excellence

“I think everyone at Sauder should take the test,” says Kapkanschikov, who scored 670, also in the 99th percentile. “We have some incredible talent here and it’s a great opportunity to promote our reputation for excellence worldwide."

Lulu Zeng, Finance Lecturer and head of the UBC MBA's Finance Career Track, agrees.

“The success of our MBA students on the Bloomberg Aptitude Test reflects the high quality of both our students and the business education they receive at Sauder,” he says. “We are very proud of their accomplishments and hope that their success will encourage more Sauder students (both BCom and MBA) to take the BAT in the future.”

Alexandra Julianto, the UBC Bloomberg Campus Ambassador responsible for promoting the BAT at Sauder, is trying to encourage students of all business disciplines, not just finance, to take the test. Having taken the test herself earlier in the year, she knows that the rewards can be high, with between 50 to 500 connections taking place between potential employers and students in North America each week.