Sauder researchers will provide a glimpse of the dark side of the workplace in a public workshop in Vancouver next Wednesday.

Associate Professor Danielle van Jaarsveld, who organized the workshop, says Sauder has a strong team investigating negative experiences on the job. “Not everyone’s work environment is positive, so we think it’s important to highlight that, and to help fix such problems,” van Jaarsveld says.

“It’s very relevant to managers, to employees – anyone who works, really,” she says, adding that she’s looking forward to showcasing the school’s research to the business community.

Van Jaarsveld will be discussing how rude customers affect workers in service jobs. Professor Sandra Robinson will be discussing how being ignored can actually be worse than harassment in the workplace. Assistant Professor Marc-David Seidel will be discussing how risk-taking and deviant behaviours at a young age can increase the likelihood of self-employment later in life.

Four PhD students from Sauder will also be presenting their research. Kira Schabram will discuss the pitfalls of pursuing one’s calling; Anthony Turner will talk about social power in the digital age; Leah Sheppard will present her research on gender and conflict in the workplace; and Marjan Houshmand will discuss teenagers working in family businesses.

Van Jaarsveld says audience members will be encouraged to participate in the discussions and share their perspectives and after the presentations, the audience will be invited to chat informally with the researchers.

The event is the annual institute of the Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, and will precede the 75th Canadian Psychological Association Annual Convention in Vancouver.

Registration instructions can be found here.