Sauder professor recognized as leader in ER and conceptual modeling research

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Sauder Professor Yair Wand has been given an ER Fellows Award, a prestigious title recognizing world-leading researchers in the field of ER and conceptual modeling.

Conceptual modeling involves devising ways to present real-world situations – particularly those relating to business – in order to build information systems.

“This is a very big honour; past winners of the award include pioneers in the field, such as Peter Chen, whose Entity-Relationship Model – the namesake of the award – is almost universally taught to students learning database design,” says Associate Professor Ron Cenfetelli, Chair of Sauder’s Management Information Sciences Division.

“The foundational concepts developed by Yair have been vital to the effective design and development of information systems,” says Cenfetelli. “Any large-scale IT implementation in an organization has, in some way, benefited from Yair’s work.”

Wand accepted the award this week at the International Conference on Conceptual Modeling in Atlanta.