Sauder Professor Tae Oum addressed the world’s aviation leaders May 7 at a global conference in Montreal hosted by the United Nations’ International Civil Aviation Organization – the only UN agency headquartered in Canada.

In his keynote talk, Oum set the agenda for the conference, discussing pressing issues facing the industry, such as sustainable development and climate change, liberalizing international agreements, and meeting consumer expectations.

Sauder Professor Anming Zhang also spoke at the conference, in a session devoted to exploring how to create greater efficiency in the transport of cargo. Both Zhang and Oum are members of Sauder’s Operations and Logistics Division.

As chair of the global Air Transport Research Society, which co-produced the symposium, Oum was instrumental in organizing the global gathering.

Noting its importance in promoting best practice, Oum says, “Each country has one vote in ICAO, so the conference is a very important forum to generate much-needed consensus among the major players.”