Confident, proactive, creative, independent and flexible – these are the five key qualities that SAP’s Dean Eiwanger identified in the students he hired from the Sauder School of Business.

As a Global Vice President and Head of Business Operations at the multinational software company, Eiwanger knows a thing or two about what it takes to be successful in business. He hired UBC MBA student Michael Emerson as a summer intern who, after graduating in 2013, went on to become Vice President and Financials Chief Project Expert at SAP in Berlin.

“We’re looking for people that can be creative and innovative so that we can help the world run better,” says Eiwanger. “It’s about the next generation of leaders that can come to work every day and be excited to drive change in the world.”

New talent

Among those future leaders is Malinee Narang (BCom 2012), who followed up her Co-op work term at SAP with a job in the company’s HR department in Vancouver, and is now HR Business Partner - Southeast Asia and HR Lead for Thailand, at SAP in Bangkok.

Michael and Malinee are not alone. In a sign of the productive hiring relationship between Sauder and SAP, the company has turned to Sauder students and graduates from the BCom, MBA and Master of Management programs to fill multiple positions in the past few years.

“The reason we continue to go back to Sauder for new talent is because we feel like the students have exactly the right skills we’re looking for,” says Agnes Block, University Recruiter with SAP HR Operations. “I get hiring managers asking me to post jobs aimed at graduates of specific UBC programs. We love UBC because we feel like the graduates come to us prepared not only with the technical and analytical skills we’re looking for but also with interviewing, teamwork and project management skills on top of that.”

Employee benefits

Block says that international experience is highly sought after at SAP. She also advises prospective candidates to make their resumes stand out by emphasizing the things that they have achieved outside of the classroom, from volunteer activities and fundraising to sports and student journalism.

For Vivienne Wang, who gained her UBC MBA in 2014 and works in the Office of the Chief Marketing Officer, Strategy & Transformation, the key to getting your foot in the door at SAP is to build relationships and develop your network. After that, she says the benefits of being an SAP employee are many and varied.

“The beauty of working for a global brand like SAP is that there’s no limit on what you can do,” says Wang. “We’re a company of 66,000 people so there are career opportunities in virtually any area of business you can think of.”

Photo (left to right):

Alison Buchanan (BCom Co-op student), Product Management Intern
Chris de Eyre (MBA 2014), Account Executive
Bruce Mitchell (MBA 2011), Account Executive
Vivienne Wang (MBA 2014), Project Manager, Marketing Strategy and Transformation
Kian Khoshnevis (MM 2012), Team Lead, Inbound Customer Engagement
Isaac Yang (BCom 2013), Specialist, Inbound Customer Engagement