New dual degree allows students to bridge passions and business acumen

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From fall 2015, UBC students will be the first in Canada with the chance to earn a Bachelor degree + Master of Management concurrently in 4.5 years. Alumni and future employers agree that integrating deep subject area knowledge with business training will accelerate students’ entry into the job market and give them the tools needed to pursue their passions.

Speaking from experience

From her sunny office in San Francisco’s leading brand marketing agency, Liquid, Client Manager Jacqueline Chong reflects on how she secured a career that marries her love of design and talent for tech with real-world business acumen.

Following her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production at the University of British Columbia, Chong spent a year at a marketing agency in Vancouver as a visual storyteller. But the more she learned about how marketing tactics could mobilize people behind ideas, the more she realized she wanted to bridge the gap between the worlds of design and business.

She enrolled in the full-time Master of Management program at Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School, a move which ultimately propelled her into her leadership role at Liquid today.

“My path up the career ladder has been much quicker thanks to my MM degree from Sauder,” says Chong. “I joined Liquid as a project coordinator and transitioned to my current managerial role within six months – something that would typically take three years.”

Making the leap faster with the Bachelor degree + Master of Management

Soon, UBC students from across campus will be able to make this kind of career progression even faster. Beginning in fall 2015, students in the faculties of Arts, Science, Forestry and the School of Kinesiology will be the first in Canada to be able to earn a Bachelor’s degree and Master of Management concurrently in four and a half years.

Integrated from the beginning, business content in the program expands throughout the four-year undergraduate portion of the dual degree and caps it with a six-month focused course load where students are immersed in training focused on leadership, negotiation, marketing, accounting, human resources, operations, logistics and more.

Murali Chandrashekaran, Associate Dean of Professional Graduate programs at Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School describes the rich learning environment and opportunities for career advancement:

“Imagine you’re in a class where your fellow students are musicians, economists and scientists. Together you’ll embark on a journey of professional development. Forming solid career networks and friendships, you’ll leave this program with immense confidence that you’re going to make an impact on your own career, professional development and make a lasting impact in this world.”

For Jacqueline Chong, taking the UBC Bachelor + Master of Management Dual Degree would have undoubtedly streamlined her career path to brand marketing. As she explains, it would have allowed her to make connections between business and the arts even earlier.

“I would have definitely appreciated being able to take the time to really think more deeply about the potential business application of my BFA degree and work on my career development throughout my undergrad program,” she says.

Looking ahead, potential employers of the new UBC dual degree graduates are excited about the program’s potential.

“We are looking for diversity, not just business grads, but people with media studies, computer science and a wide range of other backgrounds,” says Theresa Martens, Program Manager at Hootsuite. “But having that additional business understanding and background really puts you ahead.”