Ranked in the top 50 globally by the Financial Times of London, Sauder Executive Education offers a range impactful programs geared to equip individuals and organizations with the tools they need to make positive change and see results.

In the following short video talks, captured in live teaching events, Sauder’s leading executive educators talk about strategies for success and how to plan for the future of business.

Four Ways to Become More Creative

Professor Darren Dahl, who teaches Strategy and Innovation, shares four ways we can become more creative for tackling the most complex strategic challenges.

What Makes Great Branding

Adjunct Professor Ann Stone, brand expert and instructor of the Fundamentals of Marketing, explains what makes great branding.

Disruptive Innovation

Senior Instructor Tim Silk, who leads Exec Ed’s Product Management Boot Camp, speaks about disruptive innovation, when you have a technology with potential to change market leadership.