Beginning in September 2015, University of British Columbia students will be the first in Canada to be able to study toward a bachelor degree in arts and sciences while also earning a Master of Management, graduating in just 4.5 years.

The new UBC Bachelor + Master of Management Dual Degree allows students from across the university to integrate undergraduate studies with graduate-level business training, hands-on experience and enhanced career services from UBC’s Sauder School of Business aimed at priming them for the job market.

“UBC strives to ensure our graduates are equipped with the variety of skills and perspectives they need to make an impact in their chosen professions,” says UBC President Arvind Gupta. “This new program gives them the opportunity to harness the tools of business to pursue their passions.”

Within five years, the university expects to enroll 300 students from Canada and around the world into the program offered by Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School and the Faculties of Arts, Science, Forestry and the School of Kinesiology. Students from across disciplines study as a cohort, creating a business-focused network that spans campus.

“We look forward to welcoming these dynamic students into the Sauder community,” said Sauder’s Dean Robert Helsley, who is also Grosvenor Professor of Cities, Business Economics and Public Policy. “From day one, we will work with them to leverage their unique strengths and talents and prepare them for meaningful professional lives drawing on their specific abilities and interests.”

Integrated from the beginning, business content in the program expands throughout the four-year undergraduate portion of the dual degree and caps the program with a six-month business intensive course load. Students study the fundamentals of business – leadership, negotiation, accounting, marketing, HR, IT, operations and logistics – and consult with companies to solve business challenges.


Eligible UBC undergraduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of International Economics
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology
  • Bachelor of Media Studies
  • Bachelor of Music
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Science-Wood Products


Tuition for the BMM Dual Degree comprises the cost of an undergraduate program tuition, $4,890.30 per year for Canadian residents or $23,999.10 per year for international students in 2014, plus the cost of the Master of Management, $26,819.00 for Canadian residents and $38,819.00 for international students.

The Master of Management at the Sauder School of Business:

Sauder launched the Master of Management program in 2008 to help people with undergraduate degrees in non-business disciplines and limited work experience fast-track their careers. Placing 49th in the world in the 2014 Financial Times Global Masters in Management ranking, Sauder’s program offered by the Robert H. Lee Graduate School is the only North American program to be included in the ranking.

Career success:

While a number of Master of Management graduates choose to pursue corporate careers, many are attracted to smaller, fast-growth companies, and a large number choose to leverage their new business skills in careers related to their non-business degrees, ranging from engineering and economics to humanities and social science.

Of the 2013 cohort, 76 per cent of students were employed by graduation: 18 per cent in marketing and advertising; 13.5 per cent in banking and finance; 13.5 per cent in high tech; 13 per cent in government and non-profit; and 11 per cent in health care.