Uplifting lives in Africa through sustainable entrepreneurship


Sauder Africa Initiative

The Sauder Africa Initiative (SAI) helps Kenyan youth start their own businesses through Social Entrepreneurship 101 - a three-week course that brings together students from UBC in Vancouver, Canada and Strathmore University in Nairobi, Kenya to teach young people how to develop business plans.

The students mentor the Kenyan participants in Kibera and Mathare through developing their ideas, sourcing funding and launching their new businesses.

Benefits to African youth

African youth receive free business education provided by university students and faculty members via the implementation of a business plan development course.

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Benefits to universities

This program allows us to create and maintain linkages between African and Canadian universities to exchange ideas on teaching, research and entrepreneurship, leading to potential ongoing partnerships.

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Benefits to university students

Students learn about other cultures, how businesses are created and grow in developing nations, and the role of education, mentorship and volunteerism on economic development.

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