The Responsible Trustee Course

This course introduces the tools you need to make better decisions regarding trust fund administration, governance and plans—decisions grounded in well-established trustee “best practices.” It focuses on the role of the trustee in setting policy in conformity with the regulatory regimes that govern assets and liabilities, and to administration and communication policies relating to benefits, investments and funding.

(While the course focus is on pension plans, the investment and governance concepts presented also apply to health and welfare trusts and endowment funds.)

Course content

  • Trust fund structures
  • Trust fund legal issues: what is a trustee, trustee duties and liabilities, pension legislation, the use of professional advisers, conflicts of interest, member education and communication, the structure of boards, dispute resolution
  • The actuarial process: what is an actuary and an actuarial report, different types of reports, report contents, the valuation process, choosing assumptions and methods, actuarial valuation exercise
  • Investment vehicles and the strategic asset allocation decision
  • Investment beliefs: statement of beliefs, statements of investment objectives and guidelines, manager mandates, communicating with members and managers, investments exercise
  • Investment performance measurement: management structures, performance measurement processes, managing the managers, performance measurement exercise
  • The actuarial process: actuarial exercise
  • Active governance: governance exercise

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