P3 Resources

    1. Government P3 Agencies
      • Canada
        • Industry Canada Public-Private Partnership Office. Increase awareness of public-private partnerships by providing a centre of knowledge and expertise on P3 issues.
        • Ontario Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal. PIR is responsible for providing a broad framework for planning and coordinating the Ontario government's investments in public infrastructure and for growth planning in the province.
        • Partnerships British Columbia. Provincial government department charged with analyzing, structuring and implementing innovative partnerships to build and maintain public infrastructure.
      • International
        • Irish Government Pubic-Private Partnership (PPP) website. Provides a central point of access to the Public-Private Partnership process in Ireland.
        • Local Government's Project Delivery Specialist (UK). Help to secure funding and accelerate the development, procurement and implementation of PFI schemes.
        • Netherlands Public Private Partnership Knowledge Centre. The Public Private Partnerships Knowledge Centre in the Netherlands.
        • Northern Ireland Public-Private Partnership (PPP) website. Development and co-ordination of public-private partnership policy in the public sector for Northern Ireland.
        • Partnerships UK. Delivering investment through public-private partnerships.
        • Partnerships Victoria (Australia). Goal is to optimize the level of infrastructure spending through a responsible use of the resources of both the public and private sectors.
        • Scottish Executive Government Financial Partnerships Unit. Provides policy support on public-private partnerships (PPP) as well as financial partnership options and PPP procurement methodology.
        • United Nations Development Programme, Public Private Partnerships for the Urban Environment. U.N.D.P.'s initiative is to support the alleviation of poverty through public-private partnerships in poor cities throughout the developing world.
        • Working With Government Website, New South Wales (Australia). Provides information related to privately financed projects and major infrastructure development in NSW, Australia.

2. Related Government Departments

      • Canada
      • International
        • National Audit Office (UK). NAO scrutinizes public spending on behalf of parliament.
        • Public Private Partnerships Review, City of Seattle. Reviews the specific public benefits of private partnerships.
        • Republic of South Africa National Treasury's PPP Unit. Facilitating and enhancing quality public service delivery by being a catalyst for efficient, effective and value-for-money best practice solutions.
        • U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration PPP Website. Provides information on partnerships between the public and private sectors to plan, finance, build and operate the nation's transportation infrastructure.

3. Journals/Magazines. 

4. Private Sector Associations

      • Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships. Private organization for the promotion of public-private partnerships.
      • Institut Pour le Partenariat Public-Prive (Quebec). Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting public-private partnership as an alternative means for improving public services in Quebec.
      • National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (U.S.). Mission is to advocate and facilitate the formation of public-private partnerships at the federal, state and local levels.
      • (U.S.). Public policy think-tank whose mission is to promote choice, competition and dynamic markets.
      • The Serco Institute (U.S.). Serco's research facility for public-private partnerships.

5. Corporations Involved in P3s

6. Critics and Concerns

      • Canada
        • BC Health Coalition (Can).
        • Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Independent, non-partisan research institute concerned with issues of social and economic justice.
        • Canadian Union of Public Employees. Canada's largest union with more than half a million members representing workers in health care, education, municipalities, libraries, universities, social services, public utilities, transportation, emergency services and airlines. 
        • Consider the Cost Coalition (Centre for Social Justice) (Can). Think-tank that promotes public health and safety, protection of the environment, accessibility, value for money, workplace fairness, domestic ownership and democratic accountability.
        • Council of Canadians. Protect Canadian independence by promoting progressive policies on issues of social and economic concern to Canadians.
        • Forum on Public Domain (Can).
        • National Union of Public and General Employees (Can). The second largest union in Canada with 340,000 primarily public sector members.
        • Ontario Health Coalition (Can). Encourages active engagement in the making of public policy on matters related to health care and healthy communities.
      • International
        • Centre for Public Services (U.K.). Independent, non-profit organisation committed to social justice through the provision of good quality public services.
        • Earth Rights International (U.S.). A not for profit group of activists, organizers, and lawyers with expertise in human rights, the environment, and corporate and government accountability.
        • Health Action International (The Netherlands). A non-profit organization that represents the interests of consumers in drug policy.
        • Health Emergency (U.K.). London Health Emergency is the country's biggest and longest-running pressure group in defence of the NHS.
        • Health Matters (U.K.). Healthmatters is an independent non-profit U.K. magazine covering the NHS, public health and health politics.

7. P3 Project Websites.