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   Why Ideas for Impact, why now?

Ideas for Impact is a weekly publication and a monthly speaker series exploring the concept of social innovation. We will focus on how real ideas are being put into action for the social good and hearing directly from the people and communities involved about how and why they do the work they do. We will explore best practices, scalable models, and burgeoning ideas surrounding this compelling movement, while attempting to address the critical challenges and questions, that face individuals, organizations, and communities alike.

So why now? We are seeing a surge in social innovation activities not just in BC, but around the world. As people are tackling persistent social and environmental problems within their communities, such as poverty, access to education, food security, climate change, and many more, they are doing so in new and innovative ways.

Here in BC, the BC Social Innovation Council published a groundbreaking report, and with it a set of recommendations for the provincial government on April 27th, 2012. Ideas for Impact takes great inspiration from the report, which outlines its vision as:

“We are convinced that status quo responses to complex social issues are neither sustainable nor responsible. We believe that transformative change is necessary, but also recognize that there are no simple solutions. We are not experts; however, we have been exploring the nature of the challenges we face and the possibilities for addressing them together.”

Comprised of members from government, business, and the social sector, the Report is remarkable for its clarity and practicality. One of the defining elements, of the report and the general feeling in BC, is the call for more participation – bridging across all sectors and engaging everyone.

The aims of Ideas for Impact are to carry that momentum forward and create a robust conversation to explore all things “socially innovative”. At the recent United Nations Social Innovation Summit in New York, a participant compared the energy to “drinking from the firehose ”. In short, the goal of Ideas for Impact is to offer something vibrant and inspiring to your weekly and monthly routine, create conversation and ultimately action.