Geoff Taylor

Title: Sauder S3i Graduate Fellow (2011)

GeoffGeoff is a winemaker from the Niagara Region of Ontario. Following his completion of a Bachelor of Science degree in Oenology and Viticulture at Brock University, Geoff began his professional career learning the nuances of the wine industry both locally and internationally.

Geoff’s recent work for organic and biodynamic wineries, Ontario’s pursuit of clean energy alternatives, and his immersion in the environmental movement have fostered and supported his interest in environmental health and sustainable business practices. With a change in mind, he is pursuing his Masters of Business Administration at the University of British Columbia with particular attention paid to CSR reporting and, as his studies evolve, environmental marketing.

Geoff’s academic and professional lives have taken him to both developed and developing countries around the world, and shown him that there is an incredible amount to see, learn, and do.