"Propelling social change through innovation and entrepreneurship"


Innovation Hub 2013

Ventures 2016


The organizations selected for the 2016 program are:

Alinker Logo Alinker

The Alinker creates possibilities for everyone who wants to stay active, and solutions for people with mobility challenges. At The Alinker Inventions Ltd., the values of respect, dignity and freedom are embedded our DNA, and in our flagship product the Alinker R-volution. Our goal is to create revolutionary solutions for people who want to live an active life, but who have developed or may be developing mobility challenges. Our desire is to make it as easy and fun as possible for people to stay healthy and fit, connect with each other, and engage in community life. We move differently.

Awake Labs Logo

Awake Labs (Reveal)

Awake Labs is committed to improving the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum. Our first product is Reveal: a wearable device that measures and tracks anxiety in children with autism to predict behaviour meltdowns before they happen. We provide quantitative information to better inform decision making. This leads to increased independence and helps make children happier and healthier. Awake Labs originated from the New Venture Design program at UBC and won the 2015 Canadian Global Impact Competition.

My Green Space Logo

My Green Space

My Green Space™ is a mobile application which offers an end to end solution simplifying the process of growing fruits and vegetables in any space, and eliminating any need for research or journaling. Customers learn instantaneously with daily task notifications and tutorials. Built-in e-commerce simplifies the process of acquiring the correct supplies by recommending the products required for the user specific situation: time of year, location, sunlight, budget and available space. My Green Space™ functions on desktops, smartphones and tablets, allowing users to use the app while in their gardens. We are on a mission to accelerate the transition to a sustainable food system. Our Vision is a garden in every home, food for every soul.

Shanti Uganda Logo

Shanti Uganda

Fashion for change--fashioned by change. Shanti Uganda is eradicating preventable maternal mortality in Uganda by operating an innovative off-the-grid Birth House based on the midwifery model of care - all made possible by women around the world who purchase and wear our products. We imagine a world where birthing mothers and women living with HIV/AIDS are supported, empowered and able to develop to their full potential.

Smoothie Veggie Logo

Smoothie Veggies

B.C’s CSA-supported farms are making leaps and bounds in sustainable agriculture. But without scale, they have no way of serving the market beyond restaurants and enthusiasts. Some of B.C’s finest produce is going to waste. We have chosen to source from UBC Farm. They are at the forefront of research and development on community-based, sustainable agriculture, and their values align completely with our own. Smoothie Veggies is their first-ever “processing” partner. If we are able to sustainably scale our business with them (and other groups like them) as the supply, we are blazing the trail for an entirely new distribution channel for groups like them. This will increase their profitability and grow the market for community-based sustainable agriculture.

Urban Digs Logo

Urban Digs

Grocery stores are big business. The vast majority of food they sell is grown far from where we live by people we'll never meet. It's anonymous and its history uncertain. Why would anyone want to put that in their mouth or feed it to their children? At Urban Digs we are farmers first, and it takes one to know one. We supply families and chefs with trustworthy meat, eggs and produce grown at our farm and by other farmers we know. Our collective humanity is reflected in how our food is raised and nurtured. Be it soil or feed, we are ultimately what the vegetables and animals eat. We help people know their food so they can make informed choices that reflect their values.