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Innovation Hub 2013

Ventures 2015


The organizations selected for the 2015 program are:




Arbutus Medical

Arbutus Medical has developed a $400 alternative to $30,000 surgical drills, allowing safe and effective treatment of patients in the developing world, as well as in disaster relief. With support from Grand Challenges Canada, the device has been in use in Uganda since mid-2013 and treated over 2,000 patients. They have just expanded across the conflict zones in Syria and eastern Ukraine, and supported the relief efforts in the Philippines.

FW Recyclers Wide


Food Waste Recyclers

Food Waste Recyclers makes it easier for Metro Vancouver residents to divert and compost food waste using The Greenlid a countertop compostable compost bin available for bulk discounts to schools, offices, and multi-unit residential buildings. Food Waste Recyclers is the exclusive West Coast wholesale distributor of The Greenlid.


Brands for the Heart

Brands for the Heart supports social ventures as they bootstrap their way to creating a loveable, Fortune 500 brand that makes a positive impact in the world. The automated system takes entrepreneurs through a proven branding process that inspires ventures to communicate their big ideas clearly and confidently. Startups experience all the benefits of working with a traditional branding agency, at a price they can afford.

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Time Auction

Time Auction is a website that allows you to trade volunteer hours to meet inspiring people. For example, you can trade 20 volunteer hours to meet the Co-Founder of Reddit. Time Auction has raised over 10,000 hours to date and ran auctions in the US, Canada, and Hong Kong. Check out www.timeauction.org to learn more.


Wize Monkey

Wize Monkey is a revolutionary new tea brand that is creating coffee leaf tea. By cultivating the leaves for a tasty and healthy tea, they create year-round income for coffee farms which traditionally are only profitable three months a year. Arnaud and Max started this enterprise as a grad school project and have now joined the iHub in hopes of taking their business to the next level.