"Propelling social change through innovation and entrepreneurship"


Innovation Hub 2013

Ventures 2013


The Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub offers a dynamic space to accelerate social venture growth by bringing together university resources, peer learning, and business networks. The program is defined by its passionate community and collaborative environment.

The organizations selected for the 2013 program are:


Change Heroes is an online fundraising platform that helps people engage their friends to fundraise for schools and libraries to support education in developing countries. With customized and personalized videos, engagement through social media and a cause young people can relate to, Change Heroes aims to increase the philanthropic activity in this demographic.



Good ForksGoodforks (previously SeaMarket) supports a new sustainable food system and advocates savvy consumerism to create wealthier, healthier and happier communities.

Goodforks goal is to empower and promote organizations to get back-to-basics in a way that accelerates their business and makes communities thrive. Through implementing human-centered design, they strive to shape the new future of food. Goodforks is deeply rooted in the belief that food systems have the power to change the economic viability of communities. Food should taste good and do good, too. "We work with growers to help facilitate their successful entry into the retail environment. Through a new way of thinking we are truly shifting the way traditional food producers conduct business. Through 360 degree consulting, our services range from marketing, design, advocacy, retailer relations, research and sales."



Connect Health is pioneering a model of integrative medicine, providing effective whole person care by combining the best conventional medicine and complementary approaches. This approach is proactive, offering the best preventative strategies to maintain good health. Connect Health is developing an innovative model that makes this type of healthcare is accessible to everyone.



Shift is transforming the urban goods movement by using pedal powered trike vehicles for last-mile deliveries in the downtown core, eliminating congestion and pollution. Shift is a worker co-op providing empowering employment for young people within the green economy.



CleanStart BC is a hoarding management and junk removal company that seeks to empower people with barriers to employment. We hire people with physical or psychological health challenges from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (DTES) to provide quality service. Each of our staff is professionally trained. We are fully licensed, insured, and Worksafe BC covered. We use biodegradable products and are committed to recycling and donating as much as possible.



Victory Gardens provides garden infrastructure for any kind of space, helping people rethink urban space and bring food to where it didn’t exist before. Victory Gardens also provides educational tools to make organic growing easy and accessible, and increases consumer awareness and education around food and urban food systems.