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The Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing (Sauder S3i) runs a variety of programs in partnership with the Sauder School of Business MBA program and with with external partners, such as the Pacific Impact Investor Network, the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, and the Community Learning Initiative at UBC. 


Our Programs

SE iconImpact Investing

For several years, now Sauder S3i has been researching and evaluating the field of impact investing, and reviewing the financial mechanisms and vehicles that are in use globally. Our Impact Investing program is working on four different areas in this growing field of research.

SE iconCoast Capital Savings Innovation Hub

The Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub offers a dynamic space to accelerate social venture growth by bringing together university resources, access to new networks, peer learning, and improved investment readiness. The Innovation Hub is defined by its passionate community and collaborative environment

LCE iconClimate Intelligence Program

The Climate Intelligence Program (CIP) provides strategic, evidence- based analysis of climate science, technology, business, and policy. Leveraging a network of academic, private, and public sector partners, the CIP designs practical, cross-cutting solutions for our clients and partners in order to mobilize the innovation and entrepreneurship required to meet the challenges of climate change.

Our Fellowships

Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Postdoctoral fellowship program at Sauder S3i offers top Postdoctoral graduates the opportunity to participate in applied academic research after completion of their studies. The program allows Postdoctoral fellows to gain unique experience and expertise in an area of interest. Fellows work on applied research projects within Sauder S3i leveraging its existing expertise, research and networks.

Graduate Fellowship

The Graduate Fellowship Program at Sauder S3i was designed as an opportunity for students that have recently graduated with an MBA or from a related business Master’s program, to work intimately in the fields of sustainability and social innovation while they make the transition from academia into the business community. The program is geared towards students who have experience in the areas of sustainability, social enterprise, economic development and the non-profit sector, and who want to pursue a career in those sectors.

Honorary Fellowship

Our Honorary Fellows are experts in their respective fields who have partnered with Sauder S3i to share their knowledge and expertise, as well as provide guidance on projects and research that is being undertaken. Honorary Fellows are selected on a case-by-case basis and chosen based on projects needs; interest in the vision and goals of Sauder S3i is also part of the qualifying criteria.

Our Internships

The Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing Internship

Sauder S3i offers Sauder MBA students summer internships focusing on sustainability and social engagement. Internships cover multiple research areas including, social entrepreneurship, sustainable social housing, health economics and microfinance, social media, and renewable energy technologies.

CEI Internship

The Community Experience Initiative is an MBA summer internship program focusing on placing MBA’s in social enterprises, and leveraging their business skills to strengthen the capacity of Canada’s community sector.

CCS Innovation Hub Internship

The Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub offers students the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience with social ventures, exposure to an entrepreneurial environment and insights into the social innovation sector.