Judith B. Bosire

Title: Associate Fellow (2013) / Sauder S3i Graduate Fellow (2013) / Graduate Intern (2012) 

JudithI grew up in a small village in Kisii in western Kenya and moved to Vancouver in Sept 2011 to pursue my Masters in International Development.  I completed my bachelors in Economics from Mount Holyoke College in MA, USA, and worked on Wall Street for about 2 years (Merrill Lynch, then Citigroup). I thereafter moved to the Center of Environment, Economy and Society (CEES) at Columbia University where I worked on the financial aspects of the tripartite development projects (embraced the social, economic and environmental aspects of development). My current graduate research work is on creating a model for the adoption of mobile phone banking technology for the unbanked in sub-Saharan Africa using the success in Kenya as the basis for reference.