Jeff Svanhill

Title: Associate Fellow (2013) / Sauder S3i Graduate Fellow (2013) / Graduate Intern (2012) 

Jeff SJeff has over 10 years of dedicated leadership experience both in his business career and during completion of his MBA studies at the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia.  Jeff previously worked with Sauder S3i as a Graduate Intern in the summer of 2012. Working with the Nanwakolas council, he published a strategic report for a shellfish aquaculture project on Vancouver Island and an intertidal clam aquaculture guide. Prior to his work with Sauder S3i and his MBA studies, Jeff quickly grew his start-up into one of the top supplementary education institutes in the Fraser Valley catering to Asian and Canadian clients.  Jeff also has five years of valuable experience working in South Korea, where became well versed in Korean language and culture.  In fact, Asia has become a second home for Jeff as he recently completed an exciting three-month exchange term in Hong Kong. Along with learning the intricacies of doing business in China, Jeff spent some of his free time in Hong Kong researching the city’s infamous air pollution problem. Now back in Canada, Jeff is honored to once again have the opportunity to work with the Nanwakolas Council on another shellfish initiative.