Jaraad Marani

Title: Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub Intern (2014)

Internship with: Shifting Growth

Jaraad Marani 2014 InternJaraad is currently working to complete his Masters in Urban Planning (MAP) at the School of Community and Regional Planning at UBC.  Specializing in Community Development and Social Planning Jaraad is focused on creating resilient, equitable communities that are also environmentally responsible. Jaraad’s current planning work has enabled him to do a number of projects in and around Vancouver.  From delivering a feasibility study on the necessity of industrial lands within Vancouver to measuring the impacts of contaminated fill on the resiliency of the Shawnigan Basin watershed, Jaraad commitment to building resilient communities is reflected in all his work.  

Jaraad has a strong background working in non-profits to help build and strengthen communities.  His previous work with the United Way and the University of Victoria Student Society helped him build a track record of success in delivering for organizations. Jaraad is excited to bring his background in social and environmental sustainability to the Sauder S3i team to make a lasting impact in the Greater Vancouver community.