Elise Li

Title: Impact Investing Intern, Sauder S3i


Elise is an investment and business development specialist with 6 years’ experience in asset management. She has experience across functions in asset management firms, from research analysis, back office operations, fund formation to front desk trading, structured product financing, fund management and capital mobilization. She has hands-on experience on various traditional asset classes including traditional bonds, convertible bonds, equities, off-shore funds and derivatives. Currently enrolled in the Master of Business and Administration program at Sauder Business School, during the program, Elise has got chance to know about impact investing and social enterprises’ innovation in Canada. With interests in social enterprises, she even joined the global immersion program in India, consulted a local social enterprise focused on waste management on franchising models and visited other social enterprises either funded by government or charities, such as company providing lunch for school kids, company providing vocational education for women, and micro-financing program for people living in poverty etc. All of these got her to think about how private investments in what extent can help social enterprises to grow. Impact Investing is an inspiring area to dig into. She is ready to immerse herself in impact investing research this summer and hopes to find a feasible model to assist social enterprises’ funding.