Cheralyn Chok

Title: CCS iHub Intern, My Green Space

Cheralyn ChokCheralyn is a 3rd year Operations & Logistics student at the Sauder School of Business who loves making an impact in various communities. Since 2013, she has been developing a men's tie venture, Fly At Risk, with the hope to influence people to choose sustainable fashion. In her role as President of Blank Vinyl Project this past year, Cheralyn was able to support musicians on the UBC campus, and as a Career Fundamentals Teaching Assistant, she had the opportunity to coach younger students in their career development. In her spare time, Cheralyn sews (lots of ties!), listens to podcasts (Freakonomics is a go-to) and names and looks after succulents and cacti. She is very excited to join My Green Space and Sauder S3i this summer!