MBA Community Experience Initiative 2011 Program Call for Proposals

Community Experience Initiatives (CEI) @ Sauder S3i Sauder School of Business

“Bridging the Gap between the Social Sector and Business Schools”

The Community Experience Initiatives is an MBA summer internship program that places MBAs in social enterprises and non-profits, providing these organizations with access to business skills and research knowledge to strengthen the capacity of Canada’s social sector. The program also provides students with a unique experience in the social sector and applies their business skills in an environment where they can make a real impact within the community. The internship’s costs (student stipend) are split between the host organization (social mission organization) and Sauder S3i. Students will work directly with the organizations but will be required to participate in 4 events through out the summer organized by Sauder S3i, specifically an intro session prior to the start of the internships and three Peer to Peer (P2P) throughout the summer.

Time: June-August 2011

Cost: $4,875


  • The organization must clearly outline the need for the project
  • The project must be a business focused project which is of appropriate complexity for a graduate student (i.e. Feasibility Study, Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Logistics/Supply Chain Assessment)
  • Three Focus Areas: Priority will be given to organizations that meet one of the following focus areas at the organizational level and/or the project level:

- Environmental Sustainability
- Social Enterprise Development
- First Nations Economic Development

Application Deadline: Thursday April 7, 2011 @ Midnight

Please apply to

Project Proposal (1 page max) including:

  • Specific Project to be tackled during the summer
  • Responsibilities of the CEI Intern
  • End of Project Deliverables

If you have any further inquiries please email at