First Nations Renewable Energy Roadmap

first nations roadmapby Colin on February 23, 2011 · in First Nations, Green Energy, News, Wind Power

Rain City Strategies was pleased to assist  with the development of "First Nations Renewable Energy Roadmap", an information bulletin commissioned by Coast Opportunity Funds, paid for by The Nature Conservancy and developed by Sauder S3i at the Sauder School of Business.

Energy is a resource that every individual, community, business and government utilizes on a daily basis. However, choices with respect to energy production and its use are often based on short-term needs, rather than taking a holistic and sustainable look over longer timelines. Access, cost and convenience have become the principal motivators of energy policy development within the world today, especially within First Nations communities. Our team at Rain City, is very impressed by the work done at Sauder S3i and looks forward to assisting with future efforts.

Please take the time to review this resource, as it has been developed based on feedback within communities along the central/north coasts and Haida Gwaii and therefore is intended to provide communities with strategic information and linkages specific to renewable energy and the potential it has to support the values and traditions of First Nations communities.