Family owned Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery cuts out the middleman

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Vancouver, BC – May 30, 2014

Family owned Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery (CSF) cuts out the middleman and brings seafood directly from fishermen’s boats to your forks!

In an industry where one-in-three fish sold in restaurants or stores is mislabelled, it is important to know your fisherman. About 50 percent of seafood is fraudulently labelled as wild salmon, Albacore tuna, or Atlantic cod. In fact, what is being sold in stores and restaurants are different, less desirable fish species, that have not been harvested from the locations or in the sustainable ways advertised.

Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery offers an alternative to consumers by providing total boat-to-fork transparency. CSF members get the freshest, highest-quality seafood direct from small-scale, independent fishermen using sustainable fishing practices. Skipper Otto’s CSF hosts regular fresh fish pick-ups at the Granville Island Fisherman’s Wharf throughout the summer and fall.

Inspired by the success of the farm-to-plate movement, Sonia and Shaun Strobel successfully created a direct link between local fishermen and thoughtful consumers by founding the first Community Supported Fishery in Canada. In operation for five years, Skipper Otto’s CSF supports independent fishermen and transforms members from simple buyers and consumers of fish into investors in a robust local food system that promotes the health of our oceans.

The 2014 fishing season is about to kick off. And, it is expected to be a bountiful sockeye salmon season! As Skipper Otto, Shaun, and the other fishermen are getting ready to sail, Skipper Otto’s CSF is rounding up the last members who want to enjoy all the benefits of belonging to the CSF this year. Traditionally, the sign-up period in Vancouver ends May 31. This year, Skipper Otto’s made the strategic decision to support a larger number of independent fishermen. To ensure that the CSF has the members needed to support them, the sign-up period this year has been extended to June 7.

Contact: Oana Dan