Propelling Social Ventures 2017: Reimagine Value


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    This spring, during Social Enterprise Month, we invite you to join us for an evening of celebrating Canadian social entrepreneurs who are constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional mindsets and going beyond reasonable thinking to reimagine value out of broken systems. We will kick off the night with a panel of founders of 3 global purpose driven companies will share insights on how they are transforming people's lives by reimagining value in various industries across different geographies in North America and internationally.
    In the seocnd part of the evening, following the Pecha Kucha art of concise presentations, 6 up-and-coming impact entrepreneurs who form the 2017 cohort of the CCS iHub incubator program will each have 400 seconds to share their stories of how they transform and reimagine value out of broken systems. This is the greatest time for innovators to come to life!
    Pechea Kucha loosely means "chit chat" in Japanese and is a model developed for sharing innovative ideas in an engaging format. From sustainable local food systems and live-altering organic products, to innovative energy solutions and upcycling under-utilized urban resources, the featured purpose-driven entrepreneurs will share how they reimagine value and build businesses for good.





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