Propelling Social Ventures 2016: Playing the Funding Field

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As the life of a social enterprise, or any start-up, can be quite unpredictable and fast-changing we all need to know how to quickly adapt to the new circumstances. As such we invite our connected entrepreneurial community to take notice of the change in venue for our event, still very much aligned with the values that drive us and away from conventional thinking and conference rooms. We invite you to join us in the heart of Granville Island, a field of local traditions and colours, at the Edible Canada Bistro, a place dedicated to sourcing the highest quality culinary products from coast to coast.

In this vibrant and dynamic setting we will bring together impact investors and entrepreneurs to share insights on what makes them successful at playing the funding field. What are the winning formulas for an investable venture? How do entrepreneurs identify the right pathway to funding? How is the pathway to funding different for impact ventures? Speakers with rich experience across Canada and the United States will some of their best strategies for winning when playing the funding field.

The evening will also feature a real-life pitch & demo session from Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub social entrepreneurs, and Q&A grilling from investors and audience.






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