A day of inspiration, discovery, and thought provoking discussion

Topics that we will explore at #Propel2015 include:

· Ideas to impact: offers insight into the entrepreneurial journey experienced by inspiring individuals creating impact around the world. How do we convert an idea or innovation or invention to a real thriving impact driven business?

· The accelerator model: looks at the support systems and tools that exist (and could exist) to aid social ventures in their growth path. We ask questions about what the eco system look likes, where do gaps exist, and how can we collaborate together to build a stronger impact driven community.

· Rethinking the investment paradigm: discusses the changing landscape of impact investing, and new ways that investment is amplifying impact through social ventures.

· Cracking the market: opens the dialogue of how we create the environment to grow our social ventures to scale. Individuals all around us are creating a constant supply of incredibly innovative and purpose driven social ventures, but we need to create and ensure a real demand for impact in the marketplace.

Schedule for the day:

  Registration and Breakfast
8:30am   Welcome and Introductions
8:45am   Propellor Session: Ideas to Impact
9:45am   Fireside chat with Janie Hoffman of Mamma Chia
10:30am   Networking Break
10:45am   Propellor Session: The Accelerator Model
  Social Venture Showcase presented by CCS iHub
12:15pm   Lunch and Showcase
1:00pm   Afternoon Welcome
  Innovator Talk: Farah Mohamed - G(irls)20
2:00pm   Propellor Session: Rethinking the Investment Paradigm
2:45pm   Investor and Entrepreneur Relationships Unplugged
3:15pm   Networking Break


Propellor Session: Cracking the Market


The Vermont Experience: Flip Brown
5:30pm   Reception


Note: This agenda is updated as speakers are confirmed.

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