With the increasing social and environmental problem facing societies everywhere and the constraints on resources to address these issues, social innovation is more important then ever. Social ventures have arisen as a new model of addressing these problems using business as a tool to creating lasting impact. Exciting and system changing models of social ventures are already demonstrating the great impact that can be created but we are still in the early stages of seizing this opportunity.

Propelling Social Ventures provides a platform for conversation, learning, inspiration and action. Each year we discuss the most relevant topics related to how social ventures create impact in our communities and world. This is an opportunity for those already close to social ventures to gain insights and learn from peers from around the world as well as for those interested in how they can engage with social ventures and the impact they are working to create.

Themes that will be explored at Propel 2014 include:

  • The path to impact: Insights into entrepreneurial journeys from inspiring individuals creating impact around the world.
  • The government as an innovator? The role the public sector can play in supporting social ventures.
  • A purpose driven career, not just for entrepreneurs: how professionals can pursue careers in social ventures
  • Propelling social ventures: how various actors can engage with social ventures and contribute to the impact they are working to create.
  • Demystifying impact investing: we hear a lot about the promise of impact investing, but what is the reality and how can investors best support social ventures.
  • Impact in our backyard: innovative ideas to create impact in our own community
  • Social Venture Showcase with the Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub

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