Capstone 2008

Theme: Energy Futures: Perspectives from Canada

Over the past two years many people have questioned whether the energy sources that have powered industrial society for the last two centuries will be viable over the coming century. Rising oil and gas prices have created strong incentives for companies to develop alternative energy sources. This capstone event involves some of Canada’s leading thinkers and practitioners on energy policy and technology. Over the course of the first day of the conference we will hear from a number of speakers and, while working in smaller teams during the evening and into the second day, the graduation class will develop recommendations and proposals that address one of the following two opportunities:

1. What should the Province of British Columbia do to support the development of new energy technologies

2. Develop a business plan outline either for an existing company seeking to expand, or for a start up company

Speakers for the event include:

  • Charles Slagorsky, Senior Advisor and Chief Economist, Shell Canada
  • John MacDonald, Day4 Energy
  • Jonathan Rhone, CEO, Nexterra
  • Don McInnes, CEO, Plutonic Power
  • Paul Manson, CEO, Sea Breeze Power
  • Dr. John Robinson, UBC, Centre for Interactive Research and Sustainability
  • Dr. David Castle, University of Ottawa
  • David Helliwell, Small Energy Group
  • Graham Whitmarsh, Climate Secretariate Province of British Columbia