Our People


Professor Steven Shechter, Director of CORAH


Research Interests: Stochastic optimization; Simulation; Medical Decision Making and Health Care Operations Research.                                      


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Professor Derek Atkins


Research Interests: Supply Chain Management, design and operation; Inventory systems for both retail and manufacturing; Product in Planning; Inventory Management; Safety Management, maintenance; The setting of policies and their implementation; Production planning and scheduling systems; The design and staffing of customer support facilities; Multi-stage/multiechelon inventory/production systems.



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Professor Daniel Ding


Research Interests: Health Care Operations Management; Queueing and Service Systems; Decision Making under Uncertainty, Optimization.


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Tim Huh

Professor Tim Huh


Research Interests: Inventory control; Supply chain management; Capacity planning; Operations research.

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Mahesh Nagarajan Professor Mahesh Nagarajan

Research Interests: Supply Chain Management; Applied Game theory; Inventory Management.


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 PutermanMartin Professor Martin Puterman



Research Interests: Markov decision processes Theory, Computational Methods and Applications; Applications of Management Science and Statistics; Inventory models - inference and optimization; Combined forecasting and optimization.



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Professor Maurice Queyranne

Research Interests: Combinatorial Optimization; Production Planning and Scheduling; Inventory Management.


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  Greg Werker

Lecturer, Operations and Logistics Division         


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