MSc Thesis Abstracts

Up to 2003, our graduate students produced masters theses as part of their degree requirement. The following is a list of abstracts of such theses. Since 2004, our program has been changed to a non-thesis program for which students produce industry project reports.

Class of 2002-2003

Predicting Short Term Disability Benefit Days for the Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia
Junko Fukui-Innes | April 2004

An LP Based Distribution Network Planning Tool for a Large Pulp and Paper Company
Mariel Lavieri | April 2004

Planning an Automated Storage and Retrieval System at UBC Library
Ying Liu | April 2004

Developing and Implementing Industrial Engineering Methods for Process Improvement at TELUS Communications
Tomas Mojica | April 2004

Risk Factor Analysis, Continuous Monitoring and Root Cause Analysis for Teekay Shipping
Michael (Shengyuan) Chen | March 2004

Determining Staffing Levels for a Product Inspection Process
Liping Liang | March 2004

Pricing in a Congestible Service Industry with a Focus on the Ski Industry
Raul Martinez Benavides | March 2004

Class of 2001-2002

Staff Scheduling and Workstation Allocation at UBC Libraries
Yixin Guo | March 2003

Red, Yellow, or Green Light? Signaling Performance in the Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia's Executive Dashboard
Bryan Read | March 2003

Approaches to Assessing Wage Loss Duration at the Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia
David Walker | March 2003

Simulation Modeling as a Decision Analysis Support Tool at the Vancouver Container Terminal
Aimee Zhou | March 2003

Methodology for Scheduling Pre-Board Screening Staff at the Vancouver International Airport
Anita Parkinson | February 2003

Expansion Planning at a Prominent Canadian Investment Management Firm
Kelly Chung | December 2002

Improving Inventory Management for Methanex
Russell Fenske | December 2002

Aggregate Logistics Optimization for a Large Beverage Company
Ernest Hongtu Wu | December 2002

Class of 2000-2001

Optimization Techniques Applied to the Trading of Natural Gas from a Restricted Storage Facility
Ellen Fowler | August 2002

Adaptive Inventory Control Heuristics for Non-Stationary Demand
Sumant Jha | August 2002

Share and Share Alike? The Value of Pooling Demand Data Across Retail Locations
Sarah Colby | July 2002

Production Planning in JS McMillan Fisheries Ltd: Catch Allocation Decision Support Tool Design
Mehmet Begen | December 2001

The Application of Gravity Models to Air Cargo Forecasting
Sheelah Turner | December 2001

Estimating Mixtures of Exponential Distributions to Improve Simulation of Telephone Call Durations for TELUS
Sean Baird | December 2001

An Investigation of Air Cargo Operations at the Vancouver International Airport
Omar-Hafaez Ladak | December 2001

Determining Trunk Reservation Parameters in a Telecommunications Network
Thaddeus Sim | December 2001

Robust Performance Benchmarking: An Application of Multivariate and Data Envelopment Analysis at the Workers' Compensation Board
Kevin Tang | December 2001

Theories of Investor Behavior and Their Application to Segmentation and Predictive Modeling of Retail Clients at Phillips, Hager & North
Nicole Franjic | November 2001

Class of 1999-2000

A Heuristic Algorithm for Automated Routing in Integrated Circuits
Amir Sepasi | October 2003

Dynamic Linear Models for Motion Pictures Box-Office Forecasting
Remi Desmeules | April 2001

Determining Optimal Daily Staffing Levels at the Whistler Blackcomb Ski and Snowboard School
Stanley Tse | Dec 2000

An Application of Multivariate Analysis to Time of Day Routing in Telecommunications Networks
Isabelle Smith | Dec 2000

Decision-making in the Fisheries Industry: Design of Catch-Allocation Decision Tool
Laura Morrison | Dec 2000

Nonhierarchical Alternate Routing in a Circuit-Switched Network at TELUS
Steven Kabanuk | Dec 2000

Airline Network Inventory Control Policy: An Application of Markov Decision Processes and Simulation
Kyle Biswanger | Dec 2000

Development and Implementation of the Quality Evaluation Metric Application - To Promote Continuous Process Improvement at Phillips, Hager and North
Derek Leung | Oct 2000

A Simulation of Case Management Operations at the Workers' Compensation Board - A Decision Support Tool For Human Resource Allocation
Claire Lin | May 2000

Class of 1998-1999

Life Time Buy Modeling at Agilent Technologies
Dragomirna Rugina | Dec 2000

Efficient Routing of Telephone Calls in a Circuit-Switched Network
Darrel Braun | Jun 2000

Contact Centre Staff Scheduling at Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management Ltd.
Ana Maria Kim | Apr 2000

Simulation Modeling as a Decision Analysis Support Tool: Case Study at the PH&N Telephone Contact Centre
Paul Hiom | Mar 2000

A Proposal for Improving the Meal Provisioning Process at Canadian Airlines
Vincent Morency | Dec 1999

Identifying High-Risk Claims Within the Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia's Claim Inventory by Using Logistic Regression Modeling
Ernest Urbanovich | Dec 1999

Class of 1997-1998

A Markov Decision Process Model for Airline Meal Provisioning
Jason Goto | Apr 1999

Developing an Effective Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System for the Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia
Gaurav Mehra | Apr 1999

Scheduling Customer Service Representatives for the Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia
Rafael Sanegre | Jul 1998

Earlier Classes

Inventory Control in the Retail Sector: A Case Study of Canadian Tire Pacific Associates
Brian Kapalka | Apr 1995