CWL login Staff Photos (Sauder Staff and Faculty Only)

Accounts and Payroll Office
Assistant Dean & Director, Finance Sandy Tanaka 604-822-8439
Associate Director of Finance Jaclyn Pho 604-822-1450 604-822-9988
Accounts Coordinator Christine Tu 604-822-8317
Payroll, A/P Coordinator Serena Docherty 604-822-8367
Payroll, A/P Clerk Florence Tong 604-827-4571
Accounts Payable Clerk Mimi Weaver 604-822-8509 604-827-5439
Accounts Payable Clerk
Nooran Paul
Purchasing Procurement Coordinator Judy Rollheiser 604-822-0879
Administration and Office Support Services
Director, Resources & Operations Linda Tommasini 604-822-6338
Administrative Supervisor Stacy Campbell 604-822-8681
Administrative Support/Divisional Assistant Louise Harrison

604-827-3716 604-822-1386

Office Support Services Associate
 Barb Kent 604-822-8862
Business Career Centre
Reception/Career Centre Assistant
Jennifer Esmeria
Assistant Dean, Hari B. Varshney BCC
Martina Valkovicova
Director, BCom Careers Program Linda Gully 604-822-8448
Associate Director, Business Development
Jane Arthurs
Associate Director, B+MM Careers Pam Nanson 604-827-5388
Associate Director, MBA Careers Program Rodrigo Porto 604-827-4455
Associate Director, Student Experience & Careers Sara Buse 604-822-9299
Manager, Alumni Careers
Kristine Thody
Manager, Business Co-op Program Lynne Murchie 604-822-9422
Manager, Business Development Danielle Wolff 604-827-5604
Manager, Business Development Malcolm Smillie 604-822-4654
Manager, Graduate Careers Iris Cai 604-822-4785
Manager, MBA Careers Program Mary Cowan  604-822-0595
Manager, MBA Careers Program  Marja Harmer 604-827-5435
Lead, Professional Development Programming
Jeff Balin  604-822-0097
Manager, MM Careers  Carly Boettcher  604-822-2973
Manager, BCom Careers Michael Clarke  604-822-7786 
Manager, BCom Careers
Colin Dodds
Manager, BCom Careers Elena Giorgetti 604-827-3518
Manager, BCom Careers  Hatinder Hari 604-827-5370
Alumni Careers Advisor Veronica Widmer  604-822-8613
Operations Manager  Debby Chong  604-822-9429
Associate Director, Student Experience & Careers  Emily Wyatt  604-822-9299
Manager, Business Development
Laine McDonald 604-822-1855
Manager, Student Experience & Careers Erica Commons 604-827-5096
Coordinator, Student Experience & Careers Jesse Grimaldi 604-827-5902
Co-op Coordinator
Mursal Khyabani
Co-op Coordinator Nicole Yeasting  604-827-4438 
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
 Lee Yang
Executive Assistant Kiran Shergill 604-827-3542
Co-op Program Assistant  Scott King 604-822-8858
Graduate Career Assistant
Kristina Nikolova
Business Families Centre
Main Line
Program Director Tracey Charette 604-822-8611
Business Technology Management Office
Associate Director, Business Technology Management Alan Law 604-827-4756
Manager, Business Analysis
Ambrose Tong 604-827-1820
Manager, Business Analysis
Donald Li
Business Support Analyst Athena Szabo
Centre for Operations Excellence (COE)
Director Harish Krishnan 604-822-8394
Managing Director Stuart Donald 604-822-9711
Project Advisor 
Rachel Lewis
Program Manager Emily Noton 604-822-8514
Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing (S3i)
Program Manager Karen Taylor
Executive Director
James Tansey 604-827-4443
Director, Impact Investing Jana Svedova 604-822-9583
Manager, Social Economy & Innovation Oana Dan
Centre for Transportation Studies (CTS)
Director David Gillen 604-822-8352
Associate Director & Research Associate
Jane Lister
Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate
Director Tom Davidoff 604-822-8325
Manager Jessie Lam 604-822-8399
Ch'nook Indigenous Business Education
Director, Ch'nook Frances Chandler 604-822-0299
Program Manager Miranda Huron 604-822-3135
Ch'nook Program Coordinator Natasha Latter 604-822-0988
 Research Assistant Jonathan Easey  604-822-4349
Dean's Office
Assistant to Darren Dahl, Senior Associate Dean, Faculty and Director of the Robert H. Lee Graduate School Janet Gannon 604-822-8518
Executive Coordinator Leah Penrose 604-822-8559
Director, People & Organizational Development
 Ani Hosepyan
Human Resources Manager Shirley Sia  604-822-9881
Human Resource Coordinator
Marni Fraser
Human Resources Assistant Lorra Ward 604-822-1413
Manager Research Support & Special Projects Jessie Lam 604-822-8399
Senior Advisor to the Dean & Chief Administrative Officer Katriona MacDonald  604-827-5793
Senior Associate Dean, Strategic Partnerships and Global Initiatives
Murali Chandrashekaran
Administrative Assistant
Helen D'Souza
Administrative Assistant Olga Nepogodina 604-827-2724
Development and Alumni Engagement
Associate Dean, Development and Alumni Engagement Sheila Biggers 604-822-0192
Senior Associate Director, Development Cecily Lawrenson 604-822-4194
Associate Director
Erin Townley-Smith 604-822-8684
Development Associate
Sayre Tripp
Development Manager
Gio Festa
Development Officer Ewan MacLean 604-827-5428
Development Officer Lauren Clarotto 604-827-5447
Development Officer
Stephanie Mocherniak
Development Coordinator Heather Berry 604-822-2088
Development Coordinator
Heather Sutherland
Coordinator, Operations & Donor Relations
Justen Fong
Communications & Online Engagement Officer Amadon Coletsis 604-827-5403
Associate Director, Alumni Relations Teresa Faulkner 604-827-5448
Alumni Engagement Officer
Letizia Ferreira
Manager, Alumni Engagement Jessica Chan 604-822-4998
Manager, Leadership & Annual Fund Program  Rupeela Gill 604-822-6068
Event Manager  Holly Patterson 604-822-8658
 Event & Donor Relations Specialist  Lucy Fox 604-827-4607
Alumni Event & Project Specialist
Ana Almeida
Alumni Event & Project Specialist Ruby Wang
Alumni Engagement Administrative Coordinator
Jennifer White
Volunteer & Student Program Officer Bonnie Lee 604-827-4616
Larissa Buijs
Diploma in Accounting Program (DAP)/CA/SME
Director, DAP, CA, SME Graham McIntosh 604-822-8255
Manager, Student Experience Celeste Lee 604-822-0336
Manager, Recruitment & Admissions Laura Chan (on leave) 604-822-1808
Manager, Recruitment & Admissions Shannon Thompson 604-822-1808
Program Coordinator Susan McNeil 604-822-8387
Recruitment & Admissions Coordinator
 Celine Li
Divisional Assistants
Accounting/Law & Business Communications Debra Harris 604-822-8502
Finance Sally Bei 604-822-8313
Management Information Systems Paula Chang 604-822-0490
Marketing and Behavioural Science Division Florence Yen 604-822-8314
Operations & Logistics Rita Quill 604-822-8505
Organizational Behaviour/ Human Resources Nancy Tang 604-822-8504
Strategy & Business Economics Helen Ho 604-822-8503
Duplication Services Centre
Duplication Services Associate Harry Kwan 604-827-4575
Duplication Services Associate Patty Facy
Copyright Coordinator Michele Dubé 604-822-8522
Events Management
Sua Hong
Events Manager Jennifer Koide 604-827-1846
Events Manager Sylvia Lam
Event Coordinator
Nicole Lobo
Executive Education - Robson
Associate Dean, Executive Education Bruce Wiesner 604-827-5544
Director, EMBA Séan Corbishley 604-822-8269
Director, Program Management Jackie Howard 604-822-8262
Director, Asia
Penny Chang
Director, Open Enrolment Programs Kabir Mathur 604-822-8262
Business Development Manager Dilla Wong 604-822-9746
Client Experience Manager Camilla Cao 604-822-0672
Program Manager Wendy Bishop 604-827-5409
International Program Manager Jim Zhang 604-822-1456
Program Director Andrea Oberdieck 604-822-0083
Learning Advisor
Mandy Hu
Program Assistant, Part Time
Wanda He
Program Coordinator Imogene Huxham 604-827-5714
Program Coordinator Elsie Liu 604-827-4615
Program Coordinator Aurelia Ulanday 604-827-4637
Direct Mail Manager Anita Boomer 604-822-8406
Office Coordinator Fleur Shakouri
Marketing & Sales Assistant
Sarah Koh
Facilities Operations Management
Facilities Assistant Bryan Keizer 604-827-1445
Facilities Assistant Naoki Yamane
Kenya Program (Sauder Social Entrepreneurship)
Director Frances Chandler 604-822-0299
Program Coordinator Colleen Poeta 604-827-1787
Learning Services
Director, Learning Services Rob Peregoodoff 604-822-5616
Manager, Learning Eco-Systems Support & Solutions Barish Golland 604-827-1568
Manager, Learning Eco-Systems Support & Solutions  Fareed Teja 604-827-4852
Manager, Learning Design
Siobhan Cook
Flexible Learning Manager Sunah Cho 604-822-8964
Faculty Liaison Jamie Stockdale 604-827-1842
Faculty Liaison Erica Hill
Academic Technology Support Specialist Maga Kijak  
Data Analytics Specialist
Alison Myers
Educational Assessment Specialist
Peter Lukasik
Learning Labs Coordinator
Altan Uludag
Library - David Lam Library/Canaccord Learning Commons
Head Christina Sylka 604-822-9390
Manager, Canaccord Learning Commons
Kalenne Thors
Learning Commons Assistant Connie Flook 604-822-9392
Library Assistant
Alastair Ferries
Library Assistant Jennifer Orme 604-822-9391
Circulation & Graphics Assistant
Elizabeth Stevenson 604-822-9393
Reference Librarian
Irena Trebic
Reference Librarian
Kim Fama
Marketing and Communications
Assistant Dean, Marketing & Communications Brad Gamble 604-827-4414
Associate Director, Brand and Marketing Adriana Linoh 604-827-3868
Associate Director, Communications & Media Relations
Andrew Riley
Senior Marketing Manager Janet King  604-827-5627 
Senior Brand Manager Kristina Baric 604-827-4437
Marketing Coordinator Ashley Luk 604-822-8835
Associate Director, Interactive and UX
Erinne Cowan
Communication Specialist Bethan Williams 604-827-1455
Social Media Specialist
Ryan Krumins
Communication Specialist Viola Kaminski 604-822-6934
Marketing Assistant Patricia Fraser 604-822-8436
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Alice Honiqin
Peter P. Dhillon Centre for Business Ethics
Executive Director Christie Stephenson 604-827-1783
PhD Program
Administrator Elaine Cho 604-822-8366
Phelps Centre for the Study of Government and Business
Director Tom Ross
Jessie Lam
Phillips, Hager and North Centre for Financial Research
Director Ron Giammarino 604-822-8357
Real Estate Division
Licensing - Internal (Reception) Theresa Glanville 604-822-5070
Diploma - Internal (Reception) Carrie Law 604-827-3048
Director, Licensing Education David Moore 604-822-9006
Associate Director, Licensing Education Kevin Arndt 604-822-9009
Director, Diploma, AIC, BBRE & Certificate Programs André Gravelle 604-822-9007
Associate Director, Program Development, Diploma, AIC, BBRE & Certificate Progrom John Bridal 1-877-892-1122
Course Specialist Ajay Bachra 604-822-5105
Legal Course Specialist Terence Ma 604-822-8965
Legal Course Specialist  Devin Kanhai 604-822-0214
Senior Legal Course Specialist Jessica Yee
Senior Course Specialist Stephanie Tong 604-822-6990
Course Representative, Licensing Education Deborah Austin 604-822-9010
Course Representative, Licensing Education Terry Stevenson 604-822-8453
 Course Representative
Anna Chow
Admissions Officer, Diploma, AIC, BBRE & Certificate Programs Yvonne Chuen 604-822-8457
Diploma - Registration Herbert Lam 604-827-5789
Diploma Program Course Representative Jackie Van Dyke 604-822-8446
Diploma Program Course Representative Jenny Kong 604-822-1457
Diploma Program Support Sharon Kong 604-822-9401
Exams Coordinator Terri Bolton 604-822-8541
Exams Representative Jenny Chand 604-827-5717
Exams Representative Jennifer Cooke 604-827-5585
Reception/Exam Centre Registrar Vacant
 Receptionist/CEC Registrar  Michelle Jamieson  604-822-  8454
Receptionist/CEC Registrar
Sandra Lee
Receptionist/CEC Registrar
 Devon  Brown 604-822-9045
Senior Systems Analyst, IT Services Alan Sun 604-822-0556
Systems Analyst, IT Services Frank Cheung 604-822-2356
Systems Analyst, IT Services Tom Deng 604-822-1774
Production Specialist Steven Lee 604-827-5506
Production Specialist Vanessa Marshall 604-822-0061
Production Specialist Tony Yu 604-822-8252
Production Specialist
Dan Ray 604-822-9008
Robert H. Lee Graduate School
Senior Associate Dean, Faculty and Director of the Robert H. Lee Graduate School Darren Dahl 604-822-1890
Assistant Dean, Robert H. Lee Graduate School Liz Starbuck Greer 604-822-8405
RHL Receptionist & Office Coordinator
Antonia Taylor
Executive Assistant
Pamela Lai
Director, Recruitment & Admissions
Michael Holaday
Manager, Recruitment & Admissions Emilie Morvan-Streeter
Manager, Recruitment & Admissions
Mischa Ragona
Manager, Recruitment & Admissions Vivian Tran 604-827-3046
Manager, Recruitment & Admissions Jenny Chan 604-827-0683
Manager, IMBA Recruitment
Maggie Li
Marketing & Communications Coordinator  Kevin Ly  604-822-2983
Senior Admissions Officer Akiko Kobayashi 604-822-9269
Senior Admissions Officer Lucia Wong 604-822-8408
Recruitment & Admissions Assistant
 Colleen Wong
 Recruitment & Admissions Assistant
 Ella Hipolito
Director, Student Experience & Operations Teresa Pan 604-822-8243
Manager, Full-Time MBA
Theresa Scott
Manager, Global Learning Alina Yukhymets 604-827-5283
Director, Masters Programs Dharm Joshi 604-822-2624
Manager, IMBA Steffi Hu 604-822-8425
Manager, MM Chris Gorczynski  604-822-0624 
Manager, B + MM
Tania Shepelska
Manager, Operations Hilary Geise 604-827-1732
 Acting IMBA Program Assistant   Jay Park 604-822-6346 
Program Assistant, Full-Time MBA
Quinnie Sin
 Program Assistant, Part-Time MBA
 Elisabeth Chin
Program Assistant, MM & B+MM Margot Fraser 604-822-8250
International Programs Coordinator Mairead Roche
Program Assistant, Scheduling & Administration
Chrisanne Remedios
Director Katherine White 604-827-3711
Director Moura Quayle 604-827-5311
UBC IT at Sauder
Team Lead Desktop Services
Kenneth Wong  604-822-8442
Client Service Manager Barbara Vonas 604-822-1968
Service Delivery Manager Michael Berdan 604-827-1556
Web Specialist Shirley Irvine 604-822-0270
Web Integrator
Sean Killen
Support Analyst II, Desktop & Endpoint Jody Labao 604-822-0015
Support Analyst, Desktop & Endpoint Anthony Yam 604-822-8452
Support Analyst, Desktop & Endpoint
Bill Carlson 604-827-5386
Support Analyst, Desktop & Endpoint
Tony Bujas 604-822-9672
AV Technician, Classroom & Events
Bradley Clements
AV Technician, Classroom & Events
Dennis Chan
AV Technician, Classroom & Events John Brennan  604-649-1363
AV Coordinator, Classroom & Events
David Loti   604-671-5060
Undergraduate Office
Assistant Dean and Director Pamela Lim 604-822-9216
Associate Director, Admissions & Recruitment Anita Didur 604-822-4952
Associate Director, Academic Services Susan Reh Bosch 604-822-8825
Supervisor, Admin Support Ritu Dabla 604-822-2834
Student Engagement Officer Lauren Venema 604-822-4428
Admissions & Recruitment Officer Debbie Lin 604-822-6618
Academic Advisor & Program Coordinator Gabriela Aragay 604-822-9424
Academic Advisor Sheila D'Souza 604-827-3726
Academic Advisor Yana Yablonovskaya 604-827-5451
Academic Advisor Yubai Liu 604-827-4585
Communications Coordinator Craig Kingsep 604-822-9535
Student Engagement & Academic Advisor Cassie Gilpin 604-822-3328
Program Assistant Beth Galbraith
Program Assistant
Tiffany Yang
Program Assistant
Abril Castillo
International Student Coordinator Jamie Tooze 604-822-9525
International Student Coordinator Wally Mitchell 604-822-4751
Abroad & Exchange Program Coordinator Ann Gilray 604-822-9518
W. Maurice Young Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Research Centre
Director Marc-David Seidel 604-827-5155
Jessie Lam