Ting Zhu

Ting Zhu

BS (Tsinghua), MS (Tsinghua), Ph.D. (Carnegie Mellon University)
Associate Professor, Marketing and Behavioural Science Division

Contact Information

Tel (604) 827-0078

Research Interests

  • Entry Models 
  • Retail Competition 
  • Pricing 
  • Game Theory 
  • Empirical IO 

Courses Taught in 2016-2017

  • Not teaching this academic year.

Selected Recent Publications

  • Tucker, C., J. Zhang and T. Zhu (Forthcoming), “Days on Market and Home Sales,” Rand Journal of Economics.
  • Zhu, T., V. Singh and A. Dukes (2011).  "Local Competition, Entry and Agglomeration"with Vishal Singh and Anthony Dukes"  Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 9(2), 129-154.
  • Liu, H., P. Chintagunta and T. Zhu (2010).  "Complementarities and the Demand for Home Broadband Internet Services "  Marketing Science, 29(4), 701-720.
  • Zhu, T., V. Singh and M. Manuszak (2009).  "Market Structure and Competition in the Retail Discount Industry"  Journal of Marketing Research, 46(4), 453-466. (Finalist, Paul E. Green Award 2010).
  • Zhu, T. and V. Singh (2009).  "Spatial Competition with Endogenous Location Choices - An Application to Discount Retailing"  Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 7(1), 1-35.

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