Charles Weinberg

Charles Weinberg

ScB (Brown), MBA (Harvard), PhD (Columbia)
SMEV Presidents Professor in Marketing
Professor, Marketing and Behavioural Science Division

Contact Information

Office David Lam 515
Tel 604-822-8327

Research Interests

  • Marketing models and analytical techniques applied to marketing problems
  • Marketing in public and nonprofit organizations
  • Marketing strategy
  • Services

Selected Recent Publications

  • Kersti Krug and Charles B. Weinberg, "Mission • Money • Merit: Using the Portfolio Approach to Drive Nonprofit Performance," Foundations and Trends® in Marketing, Vol. 6: No 3-4 (2012), 151-326.  Click here to download the accompanying spreadsheet.
  • Zeng, X., Dasgupta, S., and Weinberg, C., “Competitive Implications of a No Haggle Price Policy” International Journal of Research in Marketing. (forthcoming)
  • Van Dolen, W., Ma, L., and Weinberg, C., “The Influence of Unemployment and Divorce Rate on Child Help-Seeking Behavior about Violence, Relationships and Other Issues” (2013), Child Abuse & Neglect.
  • Chen, J., Chen, Y., and Weinberg, C., “Learning about Movies: An Empirical Analysis of the Platform Release Strategy” (2013), Journal of Cultural Economics.
  • Gemser, Gerda, Mark Leenders, , and Charles B Weinberg, “More Effective Assessment of Market Performance in Later Stages of the Product Development Process: The Case of the Motion Picture Industry,” Marketing Letters (2012) 23(4), 1019-1031.

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