Nan Ning

Ning Nan

BA (Peking University), MA (University of Minnesota), and PhD (University of Michigan)
Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems Division

Contact Information

Office Henry Angus 669
Tel (604) 827-3260

Research Interests

  • Complex adaptive systems
  • Multi-agent modeling
  • Post-adoptive IT use
  • Online community
  • Dispersed teamwork
  • IT infrastructure

Courses Taught in 2014-2015 

  • Introduction to e-Business (BCom)
  • Special Topics in IT Management (MBA)
  • Workshop in Management Information Systems (PhD)

Selected Recent Publications

  • N. Nan and Y. Lu (forthcoming) "Harnessing the Power of Self-Organization in Online Community during Organizational Crisis",  MIS Quarterly.
  • N. Nan R. Zmud, And E. Yetgin (2014) " A Complex Adaptive Systems Model of Innovation Diffusion: Theoretical Integration and Validation of a Virtual Laboratory", Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory, 20, pp. 52-88.
  • N. Nan and S. Kumar (2013) "Joint Effect of Team Structure and Software Architecture in Open Source Software", IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 60, 3, pp. 592 - 603. 
  • Cheshin, Y. Kim, N.D. Bos, N. Nan, and J.S. Olson (2013) "Emergence of Differing Electronic Communication Norms within Partially Distributed Teams", Journal of Personnel Psychology, 12, 1, pp. 7-21.
  • N. Nan (2011) "Capturing Bottom-Up IT Use Processes: A Complex Adaptive Systems Model", MIS Quarterly, 35, 2, pp. 505-532. 

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