Sally Maitlis

Sally Maitlis

BSc (London), MEd (UBC), PhD (Sheffield)
Professor, Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources Division

Contact Information

Office Henry Angus 670
Tel (604) 822-5736

Research Interests

  • Organizational sensemaking
  • Emotion in organizations
  • Qualitative methods
  • Narrative and discursive approaches to organizations

Courses Taught in 2014-2015

  • Organizational Behavior (MBA)

Selected Recent Publications

  • Maitlis, S. & Christianson, M. (Forthcoming). Sensemaking in organizations: Taking stock and moving forward. Annals of the Academy of Management.
  • Maitlis, S., Vogus, T., & Lawrence, T.B. (Forthcoming). Sensemaking and emotion in organizations. Organizational Psychology Review.
  • Liu, F. & Maitlis, S. (Forthcoming). Emotional dynamics and strategizing processes: A study of strategic conversations in top team meetings. Journal of Management Studies.
  • Lawrence, T. B. & Maitlis, S. (2012). Care and possibility: Enacting an ethic of care through narrative practice. Academy of Management Review, 37, 641-663. 
  • Lilius, J., Worline, M., Dutton, J., Kanov, J., & Maitlis, S. (2011). Understanding compassion capability. Human Relations, 64, 873-900.

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