Maurice D. Levi

BA (Manchester), MA PhD (Chicago)
Bank of Montreal Chair in International Finance
Professor, Finance Division

Contact Information

Office Henry Angus 876
Tel (604) 822-8260
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Research Interests

  • Macro- and micro-models of international finance
  • Empirical studies of financial markets
  • Macroeconomics of interest rates
  • International trade and income distribution

Courses Taught in 2014-2015  [not teching this academic year]

Selected Recent Publications

  • Kamstra, M., Kramer, L., Levi, M.D., and Wang, T., (2014). "Seasonally Varying Preferences: Theoretical Foundations for an Empirical Regularity", Review of Asset Pricing Studies, (forthcoming).
  • Kamstra, M., Kramer, L., Levi, M.D., (2014). "Seasonal Variation in Treasuiry Returns", Critical Fiinance Review, (forthcoming).
  • Levi, M.D., Li, K., Zhang, F., (2014). "Director Gender and Mergers and Acquisitions", Journal of Corporate Finance, (forthcoming).
  • Levi, M.D., Li. K., Zhang, F., (2012). "Risk Homeostasis and Corporate Acquisitions", Journal of Behavioral Finance and Economics, 2, pp. 21-49 
  • Kamstra, M., Kramer, L., Levi, M.D., (2012) "A Careful Re-Examination of Seasonality in International Stock Returns: Comment on Sentiment and Stock Returns" Journal on Banking and Finance, 36(4) 934-956.

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