Tim Huh

Tim Huh

B.A., B.Math, M.Math (Waterloo),  M.S., Ph.D. (Cornell)
Professor, Operations and Logistics Division

Contact Information

Office Henry Angus - HA 465
Tel (604) 822-0410

Research Interests

  • Inventory control
  • Supply chain management
  • Capacity planning
  • Operations research

Courses Taught in 2018-2019

  • Introduction to Quantitative Decision Making (BCom)
  • Introduction to Business Processes and Operations (BCom)
  • Process Fundamentals (IMBA)
  • Operations and Logistics (MM Dual)

Selected Recent Publications

  • Bo, Y., Dawande, M., Huh, W.T., Janakiraman, G., Nagarajan, M. (forthcoming) Determining Process Capacity: Intractability and Efficient Special Cases. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.
  • Sabouri, A., Huh, W.T., Shechter, S.M. (forthcoming) "Screening Strategies for Patients on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List". Operations Research.
  • Huh, W.T., Janakiraman, G., Nagarajan, M. (2016). "Capacitated Multi-Echelon Inventory Systems: Policies and Bounds". Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 18(4): 570-584
  • Huh, W.T., Li, H. (2015). "Pricing under the Nested Attraction Model with a  Multi-stage Choice Structure". Operations Research, 63(4): 840-850.
  • Kang, W., Kang, C., Hong, Y., Huh, W.T. (2015). Risk Propagation through a Platform: The Failure Risk Perspective on Platform Sharing. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 62(3): 372-383.

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