David Gillen

David Gillen

Ph.D. (University of Toronto)
Director, Centre for Transportation Studies
YVR Professor of Transportation Policy
Professor, Operations and Logistics Division

Contact Information

Office Henry Angus - HA 473
Tel (604) 822-8352

Research Interests

  • Industrial Organization, Corporate and Management Strategies, Competition Policy 
  • Transportation and Regulatory Economics, Aviation and Air Transport Economics, Urban Transportation, Travel Demand Analysis, Choice Modeling, Application of Management Economics to Transportation Policy and Planning, Performance and Productivity Analysis, Economics of Strategy.

Courses Taught in 2017-2018

  •  Introduction to Business Processes and Operations (BCom)
  •  Quantitative Policy Analysis (BCom)

Selected Recent Publications

  • Sheng, Dian, Zhi-Chun Li, Xiaowen Fu and David Gillen (2017), Modeling the effects of unilateral and uniform emission regulations under shipping company and port competition, Transportation Research Part E: Logistics & Transportation Review, 101, 99-114
  • Assaf, Albert, David Gillen, Mike Tsionas and Anna Mattila (2017), Modeling Technical and Service Efficiency, Vol. 96 Transportation Research B: Methodological, 113-125
  • Gillen, David, Alexandre Jacquillat and Amedeo Odoni (2016), Airport demand management: The operations research and economics perspectives and potential synergies, Transportation Research Part A: Policy, 94, 495-513
  • Gillen, David and Hamed Hasheminia (2016), Measuring Reliability of Transportation Networks Using Snapshots of Movements in the Network – An Analytical and Empirical Study, Transportation Research B: Methodological, Volume 93, Part B, (November) 808–824
  • Gillen, David and Tim Hazledine (2016), Pricing of Regional Airline Services in Australia and New Zealand, 2011-2015, Economic Papers, VOL. 35, NO. 2, JUNE 2016, 87–98

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