Jason Chen

Jason Huafeng Chen

BA (Beijing), MA (Washington, St. Louis), MBA PhD (Chicago)
Assistant Professor, Finance Division

Contact Information

Office Henry Angus 863
Tel (604) 827-3152
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Research Interests

  • Asset Pricing (Theoretical and Empirical)

 Selected Recent Publications

  • Chen, Huafeng(Jason), Kacperczyk, Marcin, Ortiz-Molina, Hernan, (2012) Do Non-financial Stakeholders Affect the Pricing of Risky Debt? Evidence from Unionized Workers" Review of Finance, 16(2) 347-383.
  • Chen, Huafeng(Jason, Chen, Shaojun (2012) "Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity Cannot Be a Good Measure of Financial Constraints: Evidence from the Time Series" Journal of Financial Economics, 1063(2) 393-410.
  • Chen, Huafeng(Jason), Ortiz-Molina, Hernan and Zhang, Siliang, (2011) "Average Stock Variance and Market Returns" Journal of Portfolio Management 37(4) 86-95.
  • Chen, Huafeng(Jason) (2011) "Firm Life Expenctancy and the Heterogeneity of the Block-to-Market Effect" Journal of Financial Economics, 100(2) 402-423.
  • Chen, Huafeng(Jason), Kacperczyk, Marcin, Ortiz-Molina, Hernan "Labor Unions, Operating Flexibility, and the Cost of Equity" Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 46(1) 25-58.

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