Karl Aquino

Karl Aquino

BSc (Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), MSc, PhD (Northwestern)
Richard Poon Professor of Organizations and Society
at the Sauder School of Business, Marketing and Behavioural Science Division

Contact Information

Office Henry Angus 571
Tel (604) 822-8378

Research Interests 

  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  • Moral Cognition and Behaviour
  • Status and Social Dominance
  • Organizational Justice
  • Workplace Victimization

Courses Taught in 2015-2016

  • Business and Management Values (BCom)
  • Management and Organizational Behaviour (BCom)
  • Power and Politics (BCom)
  • Two-Party Negotiations (MM)

Selected Recent Publications

  • Aquino, K., Sheppard, L., Watkins, M., O’Reilly, J., Smith, L. (Forthcoming).Social sexual behavior at work. Research in Organizational Behavior.
  • Gu, J., McFerran, B., Aquino, K., & Kim, T. (Forthcoming). What makes affirmative action-based hiring decisions seem (un)fair?A test of an ideological explanation for fairness judgments. Journal of Organizational Behavior.
  • McFerran, B., Aquino, K., & Tracy, J. (Forthcoming). Evidence for the two facets of pride in consumption: Evidence from luxury brands. Journal of Consumer Psychology.
  • Sheppard, L. & Aquino, K. (Forthcoming). Sisters at arms: A theory of female same-sex conflict and its problematization in organizations. Journal of Management.
  • Smith, I., Aquino, K., Graham, J., & Koleva, S. (2014). The moral times that bind…even to outgroups: The interactive effect of moral identity and the binding foundations. Psychological Science, 25, 1554-1562.

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