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2016 (January - December)

2015 (January - December)

Skarlicki, Daniel, van Jaarsveld, D. D., Shao, Ruodan, Song, YoungHo, and Mo Wang. (Forthcoming). Extending the multifoci perspective: The role of supervisor justice and moral identity in the relationship between customer justice and customer-directed sabotage. Journal of Applied Psychology.

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2014 (January - December)

Robinson, S. L., Kiewitz, C., & Wang, Wei (2014). Coworkers Behaving Badly. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior.

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2012 (January - December)

Houshmand, M., Robinson, S. L., O’Reilly, J. & Wolff, A. (2012). Escaping Toxicity: The Impact of Being the Target of Aggression and Toxic Work Environments on Turnover Intentions. Human Relations, 65 (7), 901-918.

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2011 (January - December)

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2010 (January - December)

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