OBHR Division Visitors 2012

Jun Liu | Associate Professor, Department of Organization & Human Resources | Renmin University of China

Jun is currently an Associate Professor specializing in employment relationship, strategic human resources management, Guanxi & organizational politics in China and psychological contacts at Renmin University of China. [December 2012 - March 2013] 

Michael Clinton | Lecturer | King's College, London

Mike Clinton is currently Lecturer in Work Psychology at King’s College London, where he teaches courses on HRM, research methods and structural equation modeling. His research interests are focused broadly on the employment relationship. Previous projects include studies of HRM, performance and well-being, psychological contracts and contingent work. Current projects include an extension of his PhD work on employee uncertainty during change, studies of promotion and turnover within the UK military.[September - November, 2012]

Laetitia Mulder | Assistant Professor, Department of Human Resource & Organizational Behaviour | University of Groningen

Laetitia Mulder graduated social psychology at the Free University in Amsterdam in 1999. In 2004 she completed her PhD under supervision of Eric van Dijk, David de Cremer and Henk Wilke, at the department of Social and Organizational Psychology at Leiden University. Her dissertation was called "Throwing light on the dark side of sanctions" and concerned the effects of sanctioning systems in social dilemmas. In 2005-2009 she worked as an assistant professor at Tilburg University, department of Social Psychology. Since 2009 she works as an assistant professor at the University of Groningen, at the department of HRM & OB, faculty of Economics and Business. Her research topic is (im)moral behavior, and concerns, among others, the influence of sanctions and rules on morality, the escalation of immoral behavior, and the effects of moralization.[September - Mid. December 2012]

Jasmin Kesmez | PhD Candidate, Organization Studies & Human Resource Management | Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

Jasmin is a PhD Candidate at HHU Düsseldorf. Her dissertation project ‘divergent lifestyle forms in corporate organizations’ aims to contribute to the transcultural concept of communication and its relevance for corporate organization and innovation. [July 2012 - May 6 2013]

Samir Nurmohamed | PhD Candidate, Management & Organizations | University of Michigan

Samir is a PhD Candidate in Management & Organizations at the University of Michigan's Stephen M. Ross School of Business. His research interests span motivation, ethics and development at the workplace. He is particularly interested in how and why individuals find motivation and provide support for others when the organizational context is not conducive to such processes and behavior. [April 14-26, 2012]

Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen | PhD Fellow, Department of Organization | Copenhagen Business School

Elisabeth is a PhD Fellow at Copenhagen Business School. She is studying conflict in organizations, using sensemaking and institutional theory lenses. [January 15-20, 2012]