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2014 Pollay Prize winner Professor William L. Wilkie

Pollay Prize

Awarded biennially (since 2014) by the Sauder School of Business at UBC, the Pollay Prize is named for Sauder Professor Emeritus Richard Pollay in honour of his contributions as a scholar, teacher and advocate in the areas of marketing and advertising in the public interest.

The prize is awarded for Intellectual Excellence in the Study of Marketing in the Public Interest. 

Nominations for the 2016 recipient of the Pollay Prize will be sought in Fall 2015. For more information or to make a nomination, please contact Chuck Weinberg.

Pollay Prize 2014 winner

William L. Wilkie, Nathe Professor of Marketing at the University of Notre Dame is the 2014 winner of the Richard W. Pollay Prize. An undergraduate at Notre Dame, his graduate degrees are from Stanford University.

Prior to joining Notre Dame, Prof. Wilkie served on the faculties at Purdue, Harvard, and Florida. He has also been an in-house consultant at the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection and a Visiting Research Professor at the Marketing Science Institute, Cambridge, MA.

His research centres on marketing in society and consumer behavior.

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Previous winners

Previous winners of this prize are:

  • Professor Brian Wansink of Cornell University (2013)
  • Professor Madhu Viswanathan of the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign (2012)
  • Professor Joel Cohen of the University of Florida (2011) 
  • Professor Ronald Paul Hill of the Villanova School of Business (2010) 
  • Professor Connie Pechmann of UC Irvine (2009) 
  • Professor Lauren Block of Baruch (2008) 
  • Professor Alan Andreasen of Georgetown University (2007) 
  • Professor Marvin Goldberg of Pennsylvania State University (2006)