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Date: Friday, June 23, 2017
Speaker: Mohan Tanniru, Oakland University
Topic: "Digital Leadership: A Model of Practice and Discourse in the Context of Information Systems Implementations in Organizations"
Time: 9:30AM - 11:00AM
Place: Henry Angus 333

Abstract: With rapid changes in customer expectations for enhanced services using advanced technologies, digital leadership calls on organizations to engage in several radical and incremental business transformations using information technology to sustain competitive differentiation. Each of these transformations is intended to support a change in culture and enhance business agility so that both business and information systems can continually adapt to meet customer expectations. Digital leadership is thus an enabling leadership, an interwoven business and information technology leadership that helps an organization move between stability and instability while steering it towards a trajectory of equilibrium despite continually evolving customer, competitive, and technological demands. We draw from and extend the complexity leadership theory to develop a model for digital leadership in organizations. The digital leadership model is conceptualized as consisting of four activities--reporting, dynamism, adaptiveness, and transitiveness—along with a practice that uses “discourse” at the end of each transformation to gain insight from deliberate “reflections” to support both learning and adaptation, and is illustrated using the case study of a hospital that has used digital leadership to transform its operations over six years.

 Dr. Mohan Tanniru is the Professor of MIS in the Decision and Information Science Department of the School of Business Administration at Oakland University. He has taught at U of Arizona, Syracuse, and U of Wisconsin-Madison, and was the former Dean of the School of Business and the founding director of Applied Technology of Business Program at Oakland University, and the Dept. Head of MIS at U of Arizona. He has published extensively in the Information technology research for the last 30 years in areas such as IT strategy, knowledge base/expert systems, decision support and business analytics, and health care delivery management. His work has appeared in journals such as ISR, MIS Quarterly, Decision Sciences, DSS, JMIS, IEEE Transactions in Eng. Management, Expert Systems and Applications, Information and Management and Communications of ACM. He has coordinated numerous graduate and under-graduate projects with over 60 large companies including GM, Chrysler, EDS/HP. Lear, Comerica, Carrier-UTC, MONY, Bristol Myers Squibb, Honeywell, Intel, and Raytheon, and several health care organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, Beaumont Health Systems, St Joseph Mercy-Oakland, Crittention Hospitals and Henry Ford Health Systems, among others.

Date: Friday, August 25, 2017
Speaker: Sabine Matook, Queensland University
Topic: TBC
Time: 9:30AM - 11:00AM
Place: Henry Angus 969

Abstract: TBC