Research Associates

Josh Dogar
Josh Dogor

Edmonton, Alberta

Areas of interest:
Public Equities, Private Credit, Private Equity

Internships: Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Toronto

Mentors: Aaron Carter (LWF ‘09), CIBC World Markets, Toronto; Daniel Lewin (LWF ‘93), Lewin Capital Management, Vancouver; Derek Ching (LWF ‘10), Goldman Sachs & Co., New York

Extracurricular involvement: National Investment Banking Competition & Conference, Sauder Sports

Favourite activities: Sports, travelling, and listening to classic rock music

Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall
Calgary, Alberta

Areas of interest: Private Equity, Venture Capital, High Yield Credit, Distressed Debt, Equities

Internships: RP Investment Advisors, Toronto

Mentors: Frank Cantoni (LWF ‘91), BMO Capital Markets, Toronto; Scott Powell, MDA Training, Vancouver; Rick Chan (LWF ‘02), PIMCO, Newport Beach

Extracurricular involvement: Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS), UBC Rec. Intramural Leagues

Favourite activities: Basketball, computer programming, filmmaking, and reading about current events–especially technology, politics, and economics

Edward Hicks
Edward Hicks

Langley, British Columbia

Areas of interest: High Yield Credit, Distressed Debt, Equities, Private Credit

Internships: West Face Capital, Toronto;

Mentors: Nader Ahmed (LWF ‘09), Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Hong Kong; Dillon Cameron, Deans Knight Capital Management, Vancouver; Rizvan Dhalla (LWF ‘94), Morgan Stanley, New York

Extracurricular involvement: Freestyle skiing coach: Blackcomb and Vancouver Freestyle Ski Teams

Favourite activities: Skiing, snowmobiling, skydiving, hockey, surfing, and reading

Carol Lee
Carol Lee

Vancouver, British Columbia

Areas of interest: Macroeconomics, Equities, Credit, Sales and Trading

Internships: PCJ Investment Counsel, Toronto

Mentors: Nabeel Rajan (LWF ‘02), RBC Capital Markets, Toronto; Tracey McVicar (LWF ‘90), CAI Capital Management Co., Vancouver; Rachel Russell (LWF ‘04), Morgan Stanley, New York

Extracurricular involvement: Enactus UBC - Spend it Right, Junior Achievement of British Columbia

Favourite activities: Working with youth, volunteering, playing sports, and travelling

Mitchell McCullough
Mitchell McCullough

Whistler, British Columbia

Areas of interest: Private Equity, Distressed Debt

Internships: Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Toronto

Mentors: Alexander Schwiersch (LWF ‘01), Invesco, Toronto; Murray Leith Jr., Odlum Brown, Vancouver; Jason Ng (LWF ‘11), Oakhill Advisors, New York

Extracurricular involvement: Skeleton

Favourite activities: Sports, travelling and hiking

Gaurika Sharma
Gaurika Sharma

Vancouver, British Columbia

Areas of interest: Equities, Mergers & Acquisitions, Macroeconomics

Internships: Guardian Capital LP, Toronto

Mentors: Jenny Yan (LWF ‘11), PCJ Investment Counsel, Toronto; John Thiessen, Vertex One Asset Management, Vancouver; Angeline Leong-Sit (LWF ‘00), JP Morgan, New York

Extracurricular involvement: Jeux de Commerce West (JDC West) Business Competition, UBC Finance Club, UBC Student Leadership Conference

Favourite activities: Photography, running, and travelling

Elizabeth Tourigny
Elizabeth Tourigny

Vancouver, British Columbia

Areas of interest: High Yield Credit, Private Equity, Macroeconomics

Internships: CIBC World Markets, Toronto

Mentors: Anthony Griffin (LWF ‘97), West Face Capital, Toronto; Emil Khimji (LWF ‘07), RBC Phillips, Hager & North Ltd., Vancouver; Geoff Gribling (LWF ‘04), Battlebourne Capital Management L.P., New York

Extracurricular involvement: Varsity Track & Field, Arc Initiative (Colombia), Sauder Philanthropy Program

Favourite activities: Running, travelling, and learning languages