For Students

Designing, developing and managing your career is as much art as science. At the core of all successful careers is an alignment of who you are — your natural abilities, motivations, interests and work style — with the direction you set for yourself. The more aligned you are, the more effortless the process..

The Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre (BCC) is your guide in that process. Our expertise, experience and highly personalized services help you put your career aspirations into action. Whether you are a graduate student or an undergraduate student, the BCC is your strategic partner in the business of you.

A higher standard of personalized service

Part of our goal is to really get to know you, your skills, desires and dreams. The high level of personalized service you receive from our career coaches allows us to help you identify career paths, organizations and opportunities that work for you.

Gain strategies for success

Talent and education alone are not always sufficient for success. We help you develop effective job search and networking skills, and teach you the critical techniques and tools you need to successfully transition from student to professional—skills you will value throughout your career.

More options for more opportunities

Being deeply connected to the local, national and international business community means the BCC exposes you to a wide array  of careers in a wide range of industries, departments and markets—from up-and-coming, prestigious start-ups to global brands.