Finance Mentorship Program

The Finance Mentorship Program has three streams:

• Capital Markets/Investment Banking
• Commercial Banking
• Women in Finance

Each program is designed to help students understand career opportunities in select aspects of finance, and to help them better prepare for the recruitment and interview process.

The Business Career Centre will match a student with an industry professional, and the student is expected to complete all aspects of the program curriculum. This includes workshops, resumé preparation, interview practice and assignments. We suggest mentors and students meet (in person or via phone) at least 30 minutes every two weeks to cover the following topics:

• Resumes
• Market trends
• Recruitment readiness
• Technical interview questions
• Optional assignment: Ask the student to value a company and prepare a valuation model and executive summary


Required qualifications:
Experience in the financial sector

3rd year BCom and 1st year MBA students

Length of appointment:
Mid-October to early January

To learn more and to participate, contact: Malcolm Smillie at

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