Fall 2014:

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The myth of creativity

Sauder students learn that creativity isn’t something
you’re born with; it’s a
practice that can be cultivated
inside the classroom—and out

The playdough resumé: Creativity as a workplace skill

Somewhere between kindergarten and grade 1, we started to colour inside the lines, and random LEGO contraptions started to take on more structure. While stern Mrs. Jones handed out gold stars for better crayon management, there is an unfortunate edge to this turning point in our lives: it generally signals the end of the kind of creative thinking the business world will later crave.

Designing business to change the world

Most people would agree that innovation requires creativity.
But increasingly, many would
say it also demands critical thinking, collaboration and
human values.

Mad wo/men inventing inspiration: how seeds of creativity are planted and encouraged to grow

The enduring creative genius of advertising slogans from the 1960s like Coke’s “It’s the Real Thing” and “The Best Part of Wakin’ Up Is Folgers in Your Cup” has become part of our common consciousness in large part thanks to the compelling characters of TV’s Mad Men set
in that era.